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Wednesday 14 February 2024

Push up hexagon card

I have made this style of card previously only a much smaller one. I wanted to upsize my previous make to show off the beautifully designed papers. Here are my measurements – and NO dies needed. 

Base: Part 1

·        A4 sheet -trim  to 7" along short side.

·        Turn and score 1/2", 2 1/2, 4 1/2, 6 1/2 down the whole length

·        Turn and cut 2 x 5 3/4 pieces which form main part of base.

·        with pencil measure in 1 ¼” along from outside edges on the first and bottom fold lines. Draw line to next fold outside edge and cut off all four corners on each base piece. (see photo)

·        fold these pieces all mountain fold


Base part 2:

·        cut across A4 width 2 pieces 2 ¼ wide.

·        Score 2 3/8, 5 5/8, 8 

·        slightly mitre the edges of the end tab section

·        fold and burnish well. These will eventually join to make one long strip.


To make supports for pop up animals I had 3 layers in the top. I cut slit across front and back of top base main part as follows:

·        Lay base main pieces side by side and mark one front and other back as shown.

·        Mark 1” cut centrally across front bottom section and back top section, then cut out thin sliver with knife.

·        cut ½” strips to go across top 4 1/4, 4 ¼ and 5

·        cut 1” supports for strips – 2 @ 3” and 1@2 ½” score longer ones at ½ inch one end

·        Feed 3” support strip through slit in front from bottom so it sticks up ½”. Fold up the bottom of strip along score line and apply wet glue. Keeping strip straight, fold up the base and close over strip so it sticks to the ½” tab. Hold while it dries. Repeat with back section.

·        Take 1” centre support strip and glue to centre front section so it sticks up ½”. add more glue all across centre and sandwich strip between front and back sections matching all edges. You should now have 3 bits sticking up about ½” long.


To complete base

·        Add wet glue to bottom tab at front of hexagon base. Line up one of the strips so the folds match the corners and the tab fold matches the join of the strip.

·        turn base and repeat with the bottom of the back section BUT take care that on the strip the very narrow side tabs are opposite and not on same side.

·        add glue to top tabs and stick on the long wrapping strip – it should sit ¼” down from the edge of the strip.

·        push down the base and line up the wrapping strip – there should be one side tab each side. apply glue and check all the edges meet nicely.


you should still have 3 x½ strips. apply glue to the 1” bits that are sticking up when the card is popped up and stick the strips across them so they rest across the top of the card with the long one across the centre


To decorate

·        Mat and layer panels with a very narrow border

·        fussy cut animals and toadstools to make a scene. I placed  bigger ones at the back so they were visible. adhere to the horizontal ½” strips


To make a scenery backdrop

Select section of the tree paper  7 7/8 x 4 ¾ and fussy cut around trees as desired. place bead of glue along bottom edge and stick INSIDE the card wrap resting along the top of the base.



It sounds complicated but easier than it might seem!



NB   I would like to give credit to Kathys random act of stampin for her method of making this style of card but I have used all my own sizes and added my own twist to make it my own.



Craft Consortium products used:


Through the Trees 12 x 12 Premium Paper pad

they have some superb mirri card now too that would make wonderful mat layers. All available from the company at https://www.craftcomsortium.com


Thanks for stopping by.


Lesley x







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