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Monday 19 September 2022

Neverending circle card


I loved playing with these gorgeous papers from Craft Consortium. The quality, as always, is amazing and the artwork by Lindsey Kelly is stunning. 

You’ll need:

·        Tis the Season 6 x 6 papers

·        Tis the Season 12 x 12 papers to fussy cut

·        Sentiment Stamps/die

·        a pair of compasses

·        die-cutting machine

·        scoreboard

·        foam pads for front of card


Step by step

1.     Select 2 sheets 6 x6 papers. Cut each in half and check they measure 3 x 6 exactly

2.     Score each one gently along the long side at 1 ½ and 4 ½

3.     Turn 90 degrees and score at ½ down to horizontal score line only top and bottom.

4.     Lay 2 of these HORIZONTALLY, one above the other, so they meet exactly. In the 4 corner squares add wet glue and lay the other two sheets VERTICALLY on top, checking sides and centres meet. Press the corner squares down. Wipe away any excess glue. Open gently and burnish folds each time until you return to the beginning.

5.     When opening the gatefolds, take care not to turn the card. Open sideways, top-to- bottom and repeat. This is a standard never-ending card. Now for the magic....

  Place point of compass in the centre. Draw circle as large as possible and cut out by hand.

    To make a template for matts, cut out a 3 x 6 piece of copy paper and score as before. Draw the same size (semi) circle as card, then reduce radius by 1/8” and redraw circle. Cut out smaller semi-circle and cut up for matts – cut away 1/8” along score lines to allow card to turn freely.

8.     Fussy cut flowers and images from papers to decorate. Add plain card for space to write and die-cut or stamp a greeting.



Top Tip

Use a large ball scoring tool when scoring design papers to avoid tearing


Tuesday 13 September 2022

Pop up box cards

 I love making pop up box cards and here is my favourite size card. It folds so easily into a 6" envelope - providing I don't get carried away with the embellishments - and then it's a 7" for comfort! Like this time (LOL)

You will need:

1 sheet A4 card - 250-300gsm, scraps of  thick acetate, red liner tape, design paper and images of your choice

  1. Cut A4 card to 5 1/2" wide by full length and score at 2, 5 1/2, 7 1/2 and 11
  2. Turn and score at 3" but miss the widest section - if you make a mistake, just stick another piece of card over the top of the back  to support the fold.
  3. Cut away the bumps of the scores down to the horizontal crease (2 1/2 " creases only). and the hatched section to make a tab.
  4. Fold and burnish
  5. Add red liner tape to the tab. Fold, press down to adhere
  6. Cut 3 struts 1/2" x 4 1/2". Score  at 1/2 and just shy of 4 1/2" . Fold into Z shape  and burnish
  7. Glue struts inside the box just under the edge going across from left to right 
  8. cut supports for die-cuts etc from thick construction acetate approx 1/2" wide x 3"
  9. Decorate as wished.

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