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Wednesday 14 February 2024

Neverending Tree DT make for Craft Consortium

I made this to fit into 5 x 7 envelope but once you have tried it, it is easy to adjust for any size card.

It is important not to use too thick card stock for the base - mine is about 250gsm

Here is how I made the base

It is a single layer card 5 x 7, the magic comes with the cuts and folds

On 5" side score 1 1/4 each side - so top and bottom

On 7" side score 1 3/4 each side 

Holding the card portrait fashion, mark the centre =2 1/2" along the bottom fold

If you need to draw this first, draw lines from the centre point to top corners of the centre panel forming a V shape. Then cut along these lines using a sharp knife or trimmer. Then cut from the point of the V to the bottom corners of the centre panel only

DO NOT FOLD or burnish all the score lines

Fold gently as follows:

with the V pointing downwards, fold up the bottom section all across and burnish outside frames, fold backwards and forwards 

fold the outside edges in turn but only crease the top and bottom of the frame - not the centre panel

fold the top frame down but do not crease across the centre - only the outside edges of the frame

How to work the card.

start with V downwards, fold one side backwards, then the other

the top section backwards towards the bottom

then fold bottom section backwards and upwards

Make sure everything works easily and then decorate, taking care to get the papers up the correct way

Cutting DSP

I cut rectangles of paper to fit largest dimension of each section, then pencil marked and trimmed to fit once I was sure which way up the paper should go. Take time to work this out! I fussy cut animals, foliage and words and  layered them on thin foam pads. You do not need too much dimension or it will not fold. 

Craft Consortium Products used

Through the Trees 6 x6 Premium Paper pad

one sheet of 12 x 12 Ink Drops Organics paper - this worked well as non-directional

CC products are available from their website at https://www.Craftconsortium.com

I believe the original designer of this fold was Els Ham whom I would like to credit for her idea.

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