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Sunday 31 March 2024

Easter egg shakers – Home décor project with Craft Consortium “Let Spring Begin”

Good morning everyone. I hope you remembered to reset your clocks last night as summer time began today in the UK.

When I think of Home décor for Easter, I see the painted eggs, hanging on branches of Forsythia that are frequently displayed in German homes. I knew egg-exactly (sorry, had to be done!) what I wanted to do and that was to make egg-shaped shakers using the great collection from Craft Consortium -Let Spring Begin- designed by Helz Cuppleditch.

I went through all my egg-stensive collection of dies but the oval ones were not quite the right shape. I found a Sizzix set in my local Hobbycraft and also a set of matching acrylic domes. Result!

Sadly, the Forsythia has been ruined by all the heavy rain we have had lately, but there are plenty of flowering bushes in the hedgerows (complete with lethal thorns too!!)



                                 SKU: CCPPAD041B                                               SKU: CCPPAD041C


They were very easy to make but I encountered a big problem and if you take a look at the YouTube tutorial, there is a little missing section – my phone camera kept changing speed and stopped recording. I managed to edit the speed and tried to re-record but the technology just failed me! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the phone problem isn't terminal. 

Here are the step-by-step instructions - please read these and fill in the gaps when you watch the YouTube.

1. use the sheet of 4 toppers approx. 3 x 3 and cut out the egg die from your chosen design, positioning it as close to the bottom of the square as possible.

2. fussy cut off the sky above clouds. Draw in pencil around the largest egg shape in the frame onto the plain blue paper and cut it out with scissors.

3. stick the first egg die-cut topper onto the centre of the blue egg to create a scene with more sky showing.

*****Here is the missing part!  ***

4. place a few sequins onto the egg shape. Dust inside one of the acrylic domes with an anti-static bag and remove the backing from the double-sided tape that is pre-affixed and ready to use on the dome. I added a bead of wet glue over the tape to give me a little wiggle time and then pressed down firmly over the centre of both egg shapes, sealing in the sequins. Firm down with the edge of the bone folder to ensure good adhesion and no leaks.

5. using the frame die, cut a coloured frame from one of the coordinating premium papers and adhere it over the edge of the dome. Make sure the edges are neat. Trim if needed.

6. add ribbon to hang the shaker – I cut approximately 4” (10 cm) and used red liner tape to secure it to the back of the shaker.

7. on the PC, I made a sheet of “Happy Easter” greetings. You could stamp a greeting onto white card or just leave it blank. I cut these out with the smaller egg shape and adhered to the back of the shaker with wet glue to neaten and give more stability.


Obviously, if you don’t have egg-shaped dies you could easily recreate this product using the same topper sheet – either in the 6x6 pad or the 12 x 12 pad and use nested circle dies and acetate to make the shakers with foam tape. I love how easy they are to make (just not to record) and look so cheerful. Let your visitors pick their own one from the tree for a lovely keepsake.


Let Spring Begin is available from many good craft shops and from the company’s website at https://www.craftconsortium.com/shop?Collection=Let%2520Spring%2520Begin

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Easter egg shakers – Home décor project with Craft Consortium “Let Spring Begin”

Good morning everyone. I hope you remembered to reset your clocks last night as summer time began today in the UK. When I think of Home déco...