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Sunday 10 April 2022

Interactive Flapcard

Hello again. It's been a little while as I have been so busy creating projects that I totally forget to blog! After sharing details of this interactive card on social media, I have been asked for details of how its made. so here you are! For this Design Team project I've used the luxury Wildflower Special Edition collection from Craft Consortium.

The completed card fits a C6 envelope. 


The base only takes one sheet of A4
  • Main base -turn sheet A4 portrait and cut one strip 12.5 cm wide. Shorten to 27cm long, score at 12.5 
  • turn strip so short side across top, score 1cm from each side down to 12.5 crease. then cut down the remainder of the way 1cm from each side. mitre cut across tab away from the cut lines. 
  • fold and burnish crease
  • Pull out flap- cut another strip card 8.5cm and shorten to 26cm, score at 12 cm. the waste of this strip becomes the mechanism. fold and burnish
  • Mechanism - trim to 7.5cm and score at 1cm then every 0.5cm leaving final 1cm at end. Fold and burnish well so it rolls backwards and forwards.
  • Place mechanism so short edge level with fold of Pull out flap and in centre. Adhere 1cm tab with wet glue so it curls upwards. burnish fold along glue line.
  • Open main base with narrow part to the right. Place pull out tab inside the main base so the 2 edges are level flap and in middle. Paperclip in place.
  • completely flatten the mechanism onto pull out flap and add more wet glue to 1cm tab on right. Fold the base on top of flap and hold while mechanism sticks. remove paperclip. Open and burnish 1cm line and check it all looks ok - no excess glue.
  • check it works before final gluing by holding the folded base and pulling the flap on the right. it should pull out and reveal inside of the card flap.
  • open card with tabs on the left and gently push all the flap out of the way to the left. 
  • Fold tabs inside, apply wet glue or red liner glue to the tabs and close card.
  • when testing for first few times, ensure that the flap is not catching on the tabs. burnish and adjust if necessary. 
Decorate with the beautiful Wildflower special edition papers and stamps.

I created the sentiment strips on PC.

CC Products used.
Craft Consortium Wildflower Special Edition 12 x 12 papers, stamps. 
These are available from www.craftconsortium.com and many good retailers.

I have seen several variations of this card made but have been unable to find the original creator - I will gladly credit the original designer if she/he messages me. 

You may like to follow me on social media to see many more makes. Please leave me a nice comment if you have found this helpful.

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