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Wednesday 24 November 2021

Floating pop-up box - any size

 Good morning,

Today I have a pop-up box thats a little different. I spotted this shape on Pinterest but those boxes all seemed to have been made with specialist dies and I wanted to make one NOW! I'm sure you know this feeling! After I had started making this, I did spot a tutorial using a similar method to mine by #IcedImages so I have linked that tutorial below. My way makes it possible to achieve any desired card size.

This is a hexagon-shaped pop-up box that folds flat to post and the design travels down the card and floats on acetate. It took 2 sheets of A4 card and a scrap of acetate.

I was going to use hexagon nesting dies but mine are stitched and I wanted plain! Grrh! so I had to draw out my own shapes - not that difficult if you have a school-type compass as a hexagon is basically 6 equilateral triangles put together. 

Start by drawing a line. I wanted a side length of 2 1/4" so set compass to that length and marked line, put point at each corner to draw traingel. From top point I could draw a crcle and continue with triangles until I had a hexagon shape by joining all base point - simples! I then extended one side to make a square of 2 1/4 " and cut it out of card to use as a template. I drew around this and added a square on each side of the square (now 3) and a 1/2" tab to one of those squares. (see shape on left).

I repeated this shape and added a second hex to the drawing for the other part on the right. one hex from each drawing was scored across the centre. The square were score downwards but not across the untousnscored hex as this is the stand-up section at the back. I joind the tabs on the squareto form a ring and eassed into desirted shape. the 2 scored hexagons were glued across half the shape to form a stand-up wall across the centre to hold the acetate. I chose that size so it was easy to add 2" matts to the sides! 

I roughly cut an oval shape by eye from acetate scrap and adhered all the decorations, lifting some on foam pads in front, some were placed on the back panel and some with foam on back to give layers of dimension. finally, added a last decorative element to the from of the box to create my little woodland idyll in a box.

All my decorations are stamped images from the beautiful atamp sets - there are three different ones and I really do need all three. The animals are so very cute and not difficult to colour or fussy cut. 

I bet you guessed, I am totally smitten with it! 

If you like this card, please leave me a few kind words below  and pop across to my other social media pages for more makes with this collection. 



See you soon

Lesley x

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsDf9opHXZA&t=14s

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