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Friday 1 October 2021

Northern Star Box

 I do love a fancy fold! I think I acquired my love of this beautiful fold when I lived in Germany and Scandinavia. Uncomplicated, yet elegant!

Here, I've chosen to showcase the fabulous Midnight Flight papers and picked out the green of the butterfly with the contrasting leafy papers from the same collection. The finished size is approx 6" (15cm) high and 3" (7.5) across the hexagonal                                                               base. 

Sometimes I switch between imperial and metric measurements to get the best out of a sheet of card. I used 200 gsm card as it is just right to hold its form yet is not too thick to take a sharp crease for the star shape. This takes one  A4 sheet - trim length to 25 cm

1. score along long side, every 4 cm
2. turn and score at 4 and 17.5
3. score diagonally across 4 x 4 squares at top
4. score from top of card down to centre of cross "2cm)
5. trim excess off tab
6. cut up scorelines from bottom to horizontal score (3.5 cm long)
7. crease gently with fingers to achieve shape - care with star at top - see templates colours        for valley and mountain folds
8. punch small holes in top to thread ribbon
9. decorate side panels before making up 3.5 x 13
10. glue side tab to form box
glue bottom tabs in opposite pairs - iff difficult cit 2 circles 6.5 cm diameter to hold in place outside and inside to reinforce
11. Thread narrow ribbon or twine through holes and pull uip gently to close box

Once you have made one, they are easy and straightforward. You can easily vary the height of the box to fit different gifts, if you widen each panel remember to make the top section deeper by the same amount as it must still be square. 

Hope you try these - remember to let me know and share your makes  - you can tag me on IG

Have fun

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